Spanish National Federation of Cofradías joins Europêche

Currently representing around 198 fishermen's associations (also known as “cofradías”), 30,000 affiliates and 8,000 small-scale fishing vessel-owners, the Spanish National Federation of Cofradías (FNCP, according to its Spanish acronym) has become the latest full member to join Europêche as of 1st February 2020. The European fishing body welcomes the new member aboard which further confirms Europêche as the largest fishing trade organisation in Brussels.

Fishing is a traditional occupation embedded in the DNA, culture and identity of many EU coastal communities. The Spanish National Federation of Cofradías embodies traditional coastal fishermen associations which date back to the eleventh century. Large part of the fleet FNCP represents are small-scale vessels and businesses, which provide a vital source of food and nutrition, jobs, trade and economic well-being. To the point that in many coastal communities more than half of the local jobs are in the fishing sector.

Basilio Otero, President of the FNCP, stated: “These are difficult times for our fishermen. The fishing activity that characterises the small-scale fleets requires specific rules adapted to each region of Europe for its sustainable management and to guarantee a future for our fishermen. However, complex fisheries rules are negotiated and decided in Brussels. It is therefore fundamental for our organisation to make sure that these are workable and designed as close as possible to the fisheries reality. We look forward to contributing our long experience and expertise to sustainably manage our seas and defend the interests of the small-scale scale costal fleets that supply fresh, high quality and locally-caught products”. 

Daniel Voces, Managing Director of Europêche, declared: “The increasing membership and cooperation represents a positive step for the European fishing sector and a stronger voice for the fishermen. We truly look forward to supporting and closely collaborating with FNCP which will undoubtedly benefit the work of Europêche and the wider fishing industry. FNCP will further expand Europêche’s undisputed leadership in the promotion of sustainable fishing practices across Europe”.



Press contact: Rosalie Tukker, Policy advisor +32 2 230 48 48

Sources: Europeche

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