Seafood Expo Global 2018 edition gives prominence to the social dimension of fisheries

During the Seafood Expo Global 2018 that will take place from 24-26 of April in Brussels, gathering stakeholders from every corner of the globe, the European Commission will hold an event featuring the importance of food security and the social dimension of fisheries. The Seafood Expo creates the perfect platform to get Europe’s message on the three sustainability dimensions of fisheries management across with thousands of seafood professionals all together. More specifically, the social pillar will be at the core of the event and will touch upon subjects like international conventions, working conditions, safety, training and fight against forced labour.

Among the key speakers from the fishing industry, the civil society and international organisations, Europêche will participate in the event[1] as a Social Partner, being the employers’ representative within the EU Sectoral Social Dialogue Committee for Sea Fisheries. Mr Ment van der Zwan will speak on behalf of Europêche, highlighting our dedication to bring EU policies in line with international standards as well as to improve training, safety, living and working conditions on board of fishing vessels.

The industry will be furthermore represented by Europêche’s member, Mr Julio Morón Ayala, who will present OPAGAC[2]’s Responsible Tuna Fishing certification. This distinctive certification guarantees the fulfilment of the best practices in three scopes of the activity. Namely, it guarantees the respect for the environment and the species caught, the best control mechanisms in the fishing activity, and the working and safety conditions of the crews.

Building on the successes of our membership in the Social Dialogue Committee for Sea Fisheries, Europêche has been critical to ensure harmonised and better working and living conditions in the sector through their agreement transposing the International Labour Organization (ILO) Work in Fishing Convention, C188 into EU legislation[3]. According to Ment van der Zwan:

“We are delighted that the European Union and the Seafood Expo Global 2018 are giving centre stage to the importance of the fishing sector as a food supplier and to the welfare of our fishermen. They are working hard to ensure that we can continue to provide healthy fish not just today or tomorrow but for years and generations to come. For that reason alone, they deserve our full respect.”


Europêche represents the fisheries sector in Europe. Currently, the Association comprises 10 national organisations of fishing enterprises from the following 8 EU Member States: DE, ES, FR, IT, MT, NL, LV, and PL.

Press contacts:

Daniel Voces, Managing Director of Europêche: +32 2 230 48 48

[1] For registration and more information about the event:

[2] Organisation of Associated Producers of Large Tuna Freezers

[3] Directive 2016/0124(NLE)

Sources: Europeche

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