Kick-off EU Project Catching the Potential

The Catching the Potential Project was officially kicked off on the 28th of May with the project consortium from seven EU Member States. In the course of the next three years, we will work together on the project's goal to develop an European, perhaps international, standard in the field of sustainability training for fishers.

Project approach

The Catching the Potential project approach consists of three steps. First step is to build a network of schools and training institutes within the fishing industry. Experiences, methods and materials in the field of sustainability training can then be shared within this network. Naturally, we also involve the Spanish, Belgian and Dutch fishery schools, and anyone who is interested in joining and contributing to this network. Through a desk study the project looks into existing initiatives and
materials in the area of sustainability training for fishers. This is an important step, since the project wants to avoid reinventing the wheel.

Next step is to conduct pilot courses in seven EU member states. Each course will be adapted to the local context in collaboration with the local partners within this project. In addition, ProSea will train local experts to conduct the course, as offering the course in English is not an option in most of the participating EU member states. This step in the project will yield a lot of experience and input for the development of the training standard.

The third step consists of drawing up a European / international standard in the field of sustainability training for fishers based on the experience gained during the project. Ultimately, this standard should provide a basis for sustainability training.

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