EU/FISHERIES: Europêche launches 'Seafood Showcase' in European Parliament

Europêche and Chairman of the Fisheries Committee, Alain Cadec MEP, co-hosted a triumphant Seafood Showcase Cocktail Reception yesterday evening. The jam-packed event, which was held in the European Parliament, displayed an abundant array of sustainably-caught produce and aimed to explain the journey from the ocean to the European Parliament.

President of Europêche, Javier Garat emphasised the importance of this event for the European Fishing sector, stating: "It is important for people to know where their fish comes from and how it was caught. This is why we decided to co-host this event with the Chairman of the Fisheries Committee, Alain Cadec to offer a range of delicious fish to sample, including wild and farmed bluefin tuna from the Mediterranean, tropical tuna, Celtic Sea hake and megrim, Dutch herring, cod from the Barents Sea, Italian clams and mussels and Scottish langoustine from the North Sea, many of which are MSC-certified."

All the species served were accompanied with information detailing where and how the fish was caught, the Member States that target the stock and the stock status. Europêche believes in promoting responsible and sustainable fishing practices that not only protect the environment but preserve the fishing sector.

Garat emphasized the efforts made by the industry themselves to fish sustainably, adding: “Our fishermen meet some of the highest standards in the world and comply with a huge swathe of regulations to be able to meet demand for these healthy products. Our produce has come from well managed fisheries, fisheries certified by the MSC, from stocks that have seen their highest recruitment in the last decade and from fisheries that are piloting sustainability schemes, such as the use of non-entangling FADS and the use of electronic observers. This is real fishing; sustainable and healthy; essential if we are to meet growing demand."

The event was attended by MEPs, the Council, Commission and Brussels stakeholders.


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