Le secteur de la pêche de l'UE célèbre le poisson issu de la pêche durable au Parlement européen

Le secteur européen de la pêche, représenté par Europêche et EAPO, ainsi que le président du Comité des pêches, Alain Cadec, membre du Parlement européen, ont organisé une réception triomphale de la Showcase de pêche durable hier soir au Parlement européen. L'événement, auquel ont participé les députés, les fonctionnaires de la Commission européenne et les parties prenantes, ont présenté des produits de la pêche de toute l'Europe détaillant la manière durable pour laquelle ils ont été capturés.

President of Europêche, Javier Garat outlined the value of this event for the European fishing sector, stating: "Our aim at this event is to showcase products caught by our own fishermen from across Europe. We want people to know more about the fish they eat. This is why we teamed up with the Chairman of the Fisheries Committee, Alain Cadec and EAPO to offer a wide range of delicious fish to sample, including wild and farmed bluefin tuna from the Mediterranean, tropical tuna, Dutch herring and plaice, mussels, mackerel and Scottish langoustine from the North Sea, many of which are MSC-certified."

All the species served were accompanied with information detailing where and how the fish was caught, the Member States that target the stock and the stock status. Europêche believes in promoting responsible and sustainable fishing practices that not only protect the environment but preserve the fishing sector.

Garat emphasized the efforts made by the industry themselves to fish sustainably, adding: “Our fishermen are very proud of the work that they do to contribute to the growing world demand for healthy seafood. We also rely on decision-makers to take into account the views and concerns of the sector regarding effective and workable fisheries management; to ensure that we have a sustainable fishing industry as well as healthy stocks. At the end of the day, it is the fishermen who have to implement the rules that are made here so they have to be effective and ensure the sustainable exploitation of fisheries, not its decline. Science and common sense must form the basis of all the policies that are made here to ensure our fishing communities are kept alive."

President of EAPO, Pim Visser added: "Producer Organisations (POs) are embedded in the Common Market Organisation and have an important role in quota management, marketing and increasing of sustainability. Consequently, Europêche and EAPO are complementary and represent the wide range of the catching sector. EAPO represents many POs, often with offices on the quayside and therefore close to the fishermen. We as a united industry jointly take care of the high quality food supply, representing small and medium enterprises, fishing communities and fishermen (both employed and self-employed) for generations to come.


Europêche represents the fisheries sector in Europe. Currently, the Association comprises 15 national organisations of fishing enterprises from the following 10 EU Member States: DE, DK, ES, FR, IT, MT, NL, LV, PL, UK.

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Sources: Europeche

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