European Strategic Seafood Alliance launched at Seafood Expo with a united call: “Eat Fish”

AIPCE CEP, EAPO, EUROPECHE, and FEAP, representing the EU fisheries and aquaculture industries, today announced their intent to form a strategic alliance aimed at advancing shared goals and promoting critical industry priorities on a broader stage at the Seafood Expo Global in Barcelona.

Through this alliance, they seek to amplify their impact by forging common ground and promoting collaborative initiatives to reach out to a wider audience. “We need society to be aware that fishery and aquaculture products represent a low-carbon source of animal protein that offers significant advantages for human health, climate impact and sustainability. Seafood consumption is good for the people’s and planet’s health.” 

By uniting efforts, the alliance intends to bring these topics to the forefront of EU and global policy discussions. "We believe that by aligning our efforts, we can achieve meaningful progress in advancing the positive message of seafood consumption," said the representatives from the five associations. "Together, we can effectively communicate the value of our products, advocate for supportive policies and drive positive change."


During the gathering there was a unanimous call to return to a model within the EU institutions where primary food production, including fisheries and aquaculture, is prioritized alongside agriculture to ensure food security in our market.

The repositioning of the fisheries and aquaculture mandate high in the European Commission's agenda is crucial and should be implemented during the upcoming political mandate period (2024-2029). This adjustment aligns with the structural framework outlined in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, which considers agriculture and fisheries as separate but equally significant EU policies.Final del formulario

The alliance also aims to raise consumer awareness regarding how seafood is produced, their nutritional benefits and the people behind the products they buy. 

This collaborative effort marks a significant step forward in advancing the EU fisheries and aquaculture aspirations and underscores the commitment of AIPCE CEP, EAPO, EUROPECHE, and FEAP to drive positive change through coordinated action.

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AIPCE CEP, EAPO, EUROPECHE, and FEAP are leading associations representing the EU fisheries and aquaculture industry. They work tirelessly to promote the interests and sustainable development of their sectors at EU level and beyond, advocating for policies that support industry sustainable growth and responsible practices.

Sources: Europeche